How to build C# Helper Class


1. Purpose:

  • What specific problems will the helper class solve?
  • What tasks or functions will it perform to make your code more efficient or organized?
  • Can you describe some common scenarios where you'd use this helper class?

2. Methods:

  • What individual methods (functions) do you envision including in the class?
  • What specific actions will each method perform?
  • Can you provide examples of how you'd use these methods in your code?

3. Data Types:

  • Will the class work with specific data types or structures (e.g., strings, numbers, arrays, custom classes)?
  • If so, please specify which ones.

4. Dependencies:

  • Will the class rely on any external libraries or frameworks (e.g., .NET Framework, NuGet packages)?
  • If so, please list them.

5. Access:

  • Do you prefer static methods (accessible without creating an object) or instance-based methods (requiring object creation)?
  • Which approach aligns better with your intended usage?

Additional Considerations:

  • Naming: How would you like to name the class and its methods? Choose clear and descriptive names to enhance readability.
  • Comments: Do you plan to include comments within the code to explain its functionality? Comments can significantly improve code clarity.

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