The Data Attribute

Bhaumik Patel 7:10 AM
Retrieve Value of the Custom Attribute It can also even be used in your CSS, like for this silly and lame CSS text changing example. &l...Read More
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Not In HTML5

Bhaumik Patel 7:05 AM
NOT In HTML5 People can be forgiven for assuming that awesome JavaScript-less transitions are grouped into the all-encompassing HTML5....Read More
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Mark Element html5

Bhaumik Patel 7:00 AM
Mark Element html5 Think of the <mark> element as a highlighter. A string wrapped within this tag should be relevant to the curre...Read More
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Regular Expressions html5

Bhaumik Patel 6:58 AM
Regular Expressions html5 Thanks to the new pattern attribute, we can insert a regular expression directly into our markup. <form acti...Read More
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Display Controls html5

Bhaumik Patel 6:51 AM
Display Controls html5 If you’re working along with each of these tips and techniques, you might have noticed that, with the code above,...Read More
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