Add magnifying glass images using jQuery

Magnifying glass for image zoom using Jquery

The jQuery Loupe is a jQuery plugin written by Marius Stanciu - Sergiu, a plugin which gives you the ability to add zoom on hover ability for your photos with single line of code. With Loupe you have the ability to control the zoom level and loupe size via mouse scroll which gives you the opportunity to enlarge areas that you might be interested in.

Demo: Check the demo
Download: Download last version

<a href="#"><img alt="" src='' id="loupe1" /></a> 
add jquery function
        'max_size': 600,
        'default_size': 160,
        'loupe_toggle_time': 'fast'


shape - the shape of the Loupe. Options can be: circle/rounded/square

glossy - if the Loupe is glossy or not. Options: true/false

drop_shadow - if the Loupe will have a drop-shadow effect. Options: true/false
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