WPF DateTimeUpDown


First Adding Reference to WPF Toolkit Extended Assembly

<wpfx:DateTimeUpDown Format="FullDateTime"  Height="22" Width="256" />

Modifying the DateTime Value

To increment or decrement the DateTime value, simply select the DateTime part you wish to modify and then interact with either the mouse wheel, spinner buttons, or updown arrow keys. The following image shows what the different DateTime parts look like when you select them.

Depending on your DateTimeUpDown.Format, you may or maynot have all DateTime parts available. You can also get the formatted DateTimeUpDown.Value by using the DateTimeUpDown.Text property.


Custom Format

If the available formats don't fit you rneeds you can create your own custom format. Simply specfiy the Format property as Custom and then provide a FormatString.

<wpfx:DateTimeUpDown Format="Custom" FormatString="hh:mm tt" Value="13:30" /> 


Event Description
ValueChanged Occurs when the Value changes.
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