What are the events in GLOBAL.ASAX file

Global.asax events execution order

Application_Init: Fires when the application initializes for the first time.
Application_Start: Fires the first time an application starts. (only once)
Session_Start: Fires the first time when a user’s session is started.
Application_BeginRequest: Fires each time a new request comes in.
Application_EndRequest: Fires when the request ends.
Application_AuthenticateRequest: Indicates that a request is ready to be authenticated.
Application_Error: Fires when an unhandled error occurs within the application.
Session_End: Fires whenever a single user Session ends or times out.
Application_Dispose: Fired just before an application is destroyed. (called once for each Application_Init)
Application_End: Fires when the application ends ok times out (Typically used for application cleanup logic) (only once).
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